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Employment by sector

Why we monitor employment by sector

The Waikato region is a dynamic region with increasing and changing demands on its natural and physical resources. Economic growth can bring pressures like spreading urban areas, increased demand for water, energy and waste infrastructure, land use changes, and increased freight and passenger transport.

The council needs to be aware of growth pressures in order to respond appropriately. An example is Future Proof, an integrated growth management strategy, which identifies potential environmental problems which could result from different scenarios of urban, industrial, and rural residential growth.

The employment indicator will assist this process by providing information on trends and changes in Waikato industries.

Waikato Regional Council monitors employment in the Waikato region and compares it with national trends. We analyse employment by industry sector and growth in these sectors.

What's happening?

Waikato Regional Council monitors employment in the Waikato region. We analysed information from the business frame collected by Statistics New Zealand1 to find out about employment by different industry sectors.

This employment data excludes owner-operators and employees of businesses with a turnover below $30,000 per year.  Click here(external link) for information on total employment counts from the Household Labour Force Survey.

In June 2016 there were 180,300 people employed by businesses and organisations in the Waikato region, an increase of 2.4 per cent since 2015. In addition there were approximately 21,000 people self-employed or owner-operators of small businesses.

Employment by industry sector

The largest Waikato sectors by 2015 employment counts were:

  • Wholesale and retail trade (24,700 employees)
  • Business and finance services (21,850 employees) 
  • Health care and social services (20,800 employees)

>>Find out more about these data and trends

More information

More detail on this indicator, including how and where Waikato Regional Council collects this information, is available in the Technical Information page.

(external link)When this indicator is updated 

The indicator is updated annually.

Contact at Waikato Regional Council

Environmental Economist - Science and Strategy Directorate


  1. Copyright: Information obtained from Statistics New Zealand may be freely used, reproduced, or quoted unless otherwise specified. In all cases Statistics New Zealand must be acknowledged as the source.
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