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This page provides details of any tenders that are being advertised by Waikato Regional Council. For further information on the listing you will need to visit the  Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) website.

You can also check out our "have your say" page for information on proposals and resource consent applications that are open for public consultation or view our public notices page.  




  Closing date

Request for Tender (RFT)

Possum Maintenance Control – Whareorino Farmland, Nukuhakari-Awakino Sector 1 Farmland, PioPio West, Mt Pirongia North and West, Oparau, Ngutunui and Honikiwi Priority Possum Control Areas (PPCAs)


Waikato Regional Council invites tenders from Council Biosecurity Pre-Approved Contractors to undertake maintenance possum control in the following Priority Possum Control Areas (PPCAs):

Whareorino Farmland - 16,844 ha and 87 landowners
Nukuhakari-Awakino Sector 1 Farmland - 5,215 ha and 20 landowners
PioPio West - 7,079 ha and 64 landowners
Mt Pirongia North Buffer - 9,812 ha and 144 landowners
Mt Pirongia West Buffer - 4,629 ha and 15 landowners
Oparau - 10,439 ha and 70 landowners
Ngutunui - 5,810 ha and 118 landowners
Honikiwi - 5,810 ha and 124 landownersThe

The Council has elected to release all eight PPCAs for tender together, with the above PPCAs making up the bulk of our possum control programme for the 2017/2018 Financial Year. The Council invites tenders for one or more PPCAs within the operational area.

Contractors not yet preapproved with the Council can contact Chris Monk on 0800 800 401 for details on how to become preapproved for future tender opportunities.

RFT information is available on the GETS website: (external link)

GETS ID 18523302

 12 noon, 24 May 2017
Request for Quote (RFQ)

Public Information Management (PIM) - Course Development


Waikato Regional Council invites quotes for development of a training course for Public Information Management (PIM) staff operating as part of an Emergency Management Coordination Centre (CC).  This course is to be part of a broader package of training covering all functions within a CC, referred to as the Integrated Training Framework (ITF). 

Management of the project is the responsibility of the Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management (MCDEM) (based in Wellington, New Zealand), with ultimate decision making authority coming from a Steering Committee of sector representatives.  The selected provider would be working closely with the MCDEM project manager who will facilitate access to subject matters experts from the sector for the purposes of technical support and feedback.

RFT documents are available on GETS website: (external link)

GETS ID 18260253.

24:00, 20 January 2017
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