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Video hub

You've entered the viewing zone!

We want to tell you more about Waikato Regional Council, and our work, projects and apps that support you and our region.  So, grab your popcorn, turn up the volume, and press play!

The Waikato Regional Council Story

We want the Waikato to be the best it can be. Find out what we're doing to make it happen.


Heading out on the water? Our app is a boatie's best mate!

Introducing Kawe Kōrero

Feel out of your depth with Māori language and protocol? No need to freak out - we can get you started!

Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora

Fresh, clean water in our rivers. Clean enough to swim in and collect food from. That's what Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora is all about.

Rates Spend

Have you ever wondered what your rates are spent on? We've broken it down for you here.

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