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Regional Land Transport Plan

Cover of RLTP

The Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) has been developed for the region by the Waikato Regional Transport Committee, and sets out how we intend to develop the region’s land transport system over the next 30 years. It also identifies proposed regional transport activities for investment (local and/or central government) over the next six years.

The plan’s scope includes policy and activities related to our roading maintenance and improvements, public transport services and infrastructure, walking and cycling infrastructure, road safety education and transport planning across the region.

The plan is a new document that replaces the Regional Land Transport Strategy and Regional Land Transport Programme.

Waikato Regional Transport Committee

The committee comprises Mayors or their delegates from the region's territorial authorities, Waikato Regional Council, and the NZ Transport Agency.The committee is responsible for:

  • preparing the RLTP for approval by the regional council
  • providing the regional council with advice and assistance it may request in relation to transport
  • advocating for transport investment in the region
  • working collaboratively with local government and stakeholders across the region to prioritise and address transport issues
  • undertaking monitoring to assess progress on implementing the RLTP.

Read the plan

Summary Summary Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2045 (4 MB)

Full Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2045 Full Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2045 (25mb)

      Chairman's foreword and executive summary (4mb)

Section 1
Introducing the Waikato Regional Land Transport Plan

Section 1 (215kb)
1.1   Purpose of the plan  
1.2   Why the plan is important  
1.3   Strategic approach and achievements to date  
1.4   The national and regional policy context  
1.5   Plan process  
1.6   Key components of the plan  
1.7   Plan duration and review  

Section 2
Strategic context

Section 2 (14mb)
2.1   Our region  
2.2   Upper North Island spatial scale  
2.3   Transport drivers and pressures  
2.4   Priority issues for the plan  

Section 3
Regional policy framework

Section 3 (289kb)
3.1   Introduction  
3.2   Plan principles  
3.3   Our land transport objectives  
3.4   Our land transport priorities  
3.5   Policy framework for the plan  
3.6   Policies and implementation measures for objectives  

Section 4
Strategic corridors

Section 4 (4mb)
4.1   Introduction  
4.2   Strategic Corridor Classification  
4.3   Inter-regionally significant corridors  
4.4   Regionally significant corridors  
4.5   Strategic arterial corridors  
4.6   Strategic corridor conclusions  

Section 5

Section 5 (102kb)
5.1   Introduction  
5.2   Anticipated revenue sources  
5.3   10-year forecast of revenue and expenditure  

Section 6
Regional programme of transport activities

Section 6 (3mb)
6.1   Introduction  
6.2   Significant activities funded through the NLTF  
6.3   Significant activities funded outside the NLTF  

Section 7
Delivering the Regional Land Transport Plan

Section 7 (165kb)
7.1   Delivery through policy  
7.2   Delivery through transport activities  
7.3   Transport activities delivering against the policy framework  
7.4   Working with others to deliver on the plan  
7.5   Monitoring the plan  
7.6   Direction for the next plan  


Appendices (3mb)
1   Legislative alignment with the LTMA  
2   Process for developing the plan  
3   State Highway 1/29 and East Coast Main Trunk corridor joint statement  
4   Criteria for assessing strategic road corridors  
5   Strategic corridors classification 2041: Waikato region and greater Hamilton  
6   Significance Policy  
7   Transport activity class tables  
8   Significant transport activities table  
9   Methodology for prioritising significant transport activities  
10   Excerpt from, and response to, a letter to the NZ Transport Agency  

Glossary and bibliography

Glossary and bibliography (117kb)
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