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Regional Land Transport Strategy

RLTS cover

This document has now been superseded by the Regional Land Transport Plan.

Operative Regional Land Transport Strategy 2011-2041

The Regional Land Transport Strategy is available for download below. Due to the large size of this document, it has been split into multiple sections for your convenience.

Section Download
Full RLTS 2011 - 2041 Full RLTS 2011 - 2041


(489 kb)

Chairman's foreword
Table of contents
The Regional Land Transport Strategy at a glance

Part 1 - Setting the scene

Setting the scene
(3.5 mb)

Where we are now and where we want to be by 2041

Part 2 - Regional policy framework

 Regional policy framework
(2.5 mb)


Part 3 - Implementing the strategy in the sub-regions

Implementing the strategy in the sub-regions
(1.5 mb)


Part 4 - Funding and monitoring the strategy

Funding and monitoring the strategy
(413 kb)


 Maps for the 2011- 2041 RLTS

You can download the individual maps as detailed in the RLTS below:
Map 2 State highway network in the Waikato region ( 1.1mb)
Map 3 Waikato region’s state highway AADT in 2009 [PDF, 971 KB] (927 kb)
Map 4 Regional rail network  (1.5mb)
Map 5 Hamilton urban public transport network (372 kb)
Map 6 Regional contracted public transport network  (688kb)
Map 7 Average daily traffic volumes for heavy motor vehicles in the region in 2009 (957kb)
Map 8 Forecasted tourism flows through North Island by road – 2011 [PDF, 960 KB](960kb)
Map 9 Urban population in the Waikato (1.8 mb)
Map 10 2041 AM Peak level of service Hamilton (without the existence of the Waikato Expressway) (407 kb)
Map 11 2041 AM Peak level of service Hamilton (post completion of the Waikato Expressway) (373 kb)
Map 12 Social deprivation areas in the Waikato region (3.2mb)
Map 13 Strategic corridors in the Waikato region (3.5mb)
Map 14 Inter-regional corridors – Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty sectors [PDF, 2.1 MB] (2.1mb)
Map 15 Greater Hamilton area corridors (880kb)
Map 16 Inter-regional corridors – Waikato_Bay of Plenty_Hawkes Bay_Manawatu-Whanganui sector [PDF, 1.4 MB]  (1.4mb)
Map 17 Inter-regional corridors Waikato_Taranaki_Manawatu-Whanganui sector (1.4mb)
Map 18 Thames-Coromandel coast sector (1.6 mb)
Map 19 Settlement types for TDM intervention (2.6mb)
Map 20 Population forecast in Future Proof sub-region to 2041 (5mb)
Map 21 Integration of land use with strategic corridors (1mb)
Map 22 Future Proof growth areas (13mb)
Map 23 The Waikato Expressway (547 kb)
Map 24 Population forecast in the Thames-Coromandel, Hauraki and Matamata-Piako sub-region to 2041 (1.4mb)
Map 25 Population forecast for the South Waikato, Taupo sub-region to 2041 (974kb)
Map 26 Taupo 2050 primary settlement pattern (483 kb)
Map 27 Population forecast in the Otorohanga, Waitomo sub-region to 2041 (1.3mb)

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