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  Environment » Natural Resources

Air.jpg Air.jpg

AIR: Check out our great and interesting information on air! 

tui2.jpg tui2.jpg

BIODIVERSITY: Find out more about biodiversity in the Waikato region.

coast.png coast.png

COAST: Have a look at our information on Waikato's coastline. 

geothermal02.png geothermal02.png

GEOTHERMAL: Find out about the Waikato region's unique geothermal resources.

soil.png soil.png

LAND AND SOIL: Learn more about looking after our land and soil in the Waikato.

river river

RIVERS: Find out about water quality in the Waikato's inland waterways.

lake taupo4 lake taupo4

LAKES: Find out more about water quality in the Waikato's lakes.

wetlands wetlands

FRESH WATER WETLANDS: Learn more about why our wetlands are so important.

dog2 dog2

GROUNDWATER: Learn more about sources of groundwater in the Waikato and how to protect it.

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