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  Environment » Natural Resources » Water » Rivers » Let's Talk Water » Daryl, Levi and Patricia

Daryl, Levi and Patricia

Daryl, Levi and PatriciaSwimming at Wellington Street Beach, Waikato River, Hamilton

We come here coz it’s free. We have been here every single day, sometimes like till nine at night. Just coz it’s too hot! And we might see the cuzzies here; most definitely see the cuzzies here. This whole field is normally packed. A big line at the wharf.

We are in our 20s, born and raised in Hamilton. We’ve been swimming in the river all our life. Patricia plays in the sand, in the shallows.

We don’t know how clean the river is but we have heard that people have got sick from swallowing the water. It would be good to have clean water and be swimming in it and not have to spit out when it goes in your mouth.

But we caught a fish the other day, it was about yay big. That was random, it got stuck on the sand here out of the water. We just put it back.

Making 90 per cent of rivers swimmable by 2040? Oh, aye! We haven’t heard of that! That would be awesome, because everywhere we go there is a no swimming sign!

Yeah, clean it. And we all need to help too. We can help by picking up our rubbish!

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