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Clean Streams: A water body enhancement strategy for Environment Waikato

Report: TR2002/19
Author: A Campbell, et al


This document sets out proposals for the operation of a project to support the protection of water body margins in the Waikato region. It sets out the background to the project, its objectives and priorities, and focuses in particular on its implementation. It is intended as a guide to Waikato Regional Council staff and councillors to ensure that the project is consistently managed and as effective as possible in achieving improvements in the management of water body margins.

Clean Streams: A water body enhancement strategy for Environment Waikato
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Table of contents

1  Purpose of document 1
2  Background 1
3 Purpose of project 1
4  Issue 1
5 Objective 2
6 Priorities 2
7 Implementation 3
7.1 Promotion 3
7.2 Education 4
7.3 Service delivery 4
7.4 Project management 5
7.5 Planting and fencing materials 5
7.6 Partnerships 5
8 Assessment criteria 5
9 Monitoring 6
10 Annual programme 6
11 Links to other Environment Waikato programmes 7
  Appendix 1: Legal framework 9
  Appendix 2: Criteria for identifying the relative priority for riparian management of sites in pasture areas of the Waikato region 11
  Appendix 3: Clean Streams - Assessment criteria 12
  Appendix 4: Clean Streams 12
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