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Dams, safety requirements and building consents

picture of damBuilding a dam

This page provides information to all those who own a dam or canal, or are planning to construct, modify or remove a dam, canal or a structure associated with a dam.

A dam's safety is dependent on its design, construction and how it's managed, operated and maintained so there are a number of requirements to take into account.

Note: The Government has decided that dam safety is better suited to being managed under the Resource Management Act (RMA) rather than the Building Act. As such, the Building (Dam Safety) Regulations 2008 have been revoked with effect from 30 June 2015.

Further information will be provided once this is known. In the meantime,  you may wish to vist the Department of Building and Housing's website(external link).

Dambuilders - information brochures

"Dambuilders"are series of brochures provided by Waikato Regional Council. They're full of valuable information for people working with dams and canals.

What you need to know [PDF, 722 KB]
Requirements for construction [PDF, 502 KB]
The inspection and certification process [PDF, 473 KB]
Ongoing responsibilities of owners [PDF, 303 KB]
Fees and charges [PDF, 321 KB]

Application forms and checklists

These documents are subject to change from time to time. If you use a printed hard copy, please check that it's up to date.

Forms for the general public

Dam Process Map – App 8.8 [PDF, 45 KB]
Building Consent / PIM Application Form F2 [PDF, 455 KB]
Amendment Application Form F37 [PDF, 83 KB]
Code Compliance Certificate Application Form F6 [PDF, 88 KB]
Building Consent Checklist C2 [PDF, 224 KB]
Certificate of Acceptance Application Form F8 [PDF, 112 KB]
F15 - Application for Certificate for Public Use [PDF, 65 KB]


Technical forms

Inspection and Producer Statement Requirements Form F27 [PDF, 40 KB]
Summary of Inspection Form F28 [PDF, 31 KB]
Building Code - Checklist C6 [PDF, 46 KB]
Compliance Schedule Checklist C9 [PDF, 32 KB]
Amendment to Compliance Schedule Application Form F11 [PDF, 105 KB]


Dams register

Waikato Regional Council and other regional councils are required under the Building Act to maintain a register of dams for their respective regions.

The register enables councils to contact dam owners on matters of importance to them, such as new regulations and guidance material on dam safety.

If you own a dam, then you should check whether it should be on the register. Just contact us - there's no cost!

More information

Need more help? Have a look at our frequently asked questions and Additional Public Information [PDF, 2.8 MB].

The New Zealand Society of Large Dams(external link) works with advancing technology of dam engineering and supports sustainable development of dams and subjects related to them.

The Department of Building and Housing(external link) can guide you regarding building law and compliance.       

BRANZ(external link) Limited helps you with independent research and information about building and construction.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust(external link) recognises, promotes and protects New Zealand's historic and cultural heritage.

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