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Other forms

Send it in

Once completed, you can send us your form by:

  • Mail: Private Bag 3038, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240.

Resource consents

Consultation form

Consultation form (48kb)

Consultation form (143kb)

You can provide this form to the parties you consult with. It will help them to provide the necessary written approval or comments for your proposed activity. You can then include the completed forms with your application.

Remember to provide everyone with sufficient information that they can fully understand what it is you want to do and how they may be affected by it. This could include a copy of your application form once it is completed and and/or any plans or maps. Make sure you make yourself available to explain the application, answer any questions and discuss options for resolving any concerns.

Submission on a consent application 

Submission form (35kb)

Submission form (59kb)

Use this form to make a submission on a notified resource consent application. Please note that you can only view, print or copy this version of our submission form. You cannot make your submission online.

Contact us or call our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402 if you would prefer us to post, fax or email a submission form to you.

Submission on a consent condition review

Submission form - consent condition reviews (58kb)

There may  be a requirement for Waikato Regional Council to undertake scheduled reviews of your consent conditions, in order to determine their efficiency or practicality and whether they need to be changed.  Use this form to make a submission on a review of your consent conditions, including whether you support or oppose any proposed changes.

Surrender (cancellation) and transfer of resource consent

Surrender of resource consent

Surrender form (30kb)

Transfer of resource consent

Transfer form (100kb)

Transfer form (71kb)

Transfer of mooring consent

Transfer of mooring consent (49kb)

A resource consent is a legal document, and authorisation from the consent holder is required before it can be surrendered and transferred. In the case of a transfer this means the form needs to be signed by both the current and the new consent holder.

Permitted activities

Farm dairy effluent discharged onto land

Discharge of farm dairy wastewater to land (55kb)

Farm dairy effluent that is spread or irrigated onto pasture does not need a resource consent, as long as the effluent management system and discharge comply with the conditions of Permitted Activity Rule at all times. Use this form to notify Waikato Regional Council that you are managing your wastewater in accordance with this rule.

Whitebait stand location details form

Whitebait stand notification (146 kb)

Please print this form off and fully complete it, providing all the requested information. We prefer to have the correct GPS co-ordinates for your stand. Once this has been recorded you will receive an identification number for your stand.


Transfer of records (permitted activity)

Transfer of records (permitted activity) (49 kb)

Use this form if you have registered a permitted activity with Waikato Regional Council, but you need to transfer responsibility for the activity to another party (for example, if you have sold your farm dairy or whitebait stand). You can only view, print or copy this form, you cannot complete it online. Please post us your original completed and signed form.

Drill logs

Drillers' log form

Drill log information is compiled into a regional database and is important for monitoring purposes.  You must supply a clear and accurate log to the Waikato Regional Council within two months of a well being drilled.  If these are not supplied the consent holder may incur additional costs associated with follow up action.

Maritime safety

Click here for forms for navigation safety requirements, such as jetski registrations, or to carry out an event on a waterway in the region.

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