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Jetski registration

Registering your personal watercraft (commonly known as a jet ski)

We're going online ...

All new jet ski registrations will soon be done using our online system.  The new registration system allows you to register and pay online, which means your jet ski registration will be confirmed and processed faster.

The use of jet skis in the Waikato Region has been increasing over the last few years and with national sales also increasing we've had to re-think how we manage this process.  By utilising online tools we are able to reduce the administration involved and provide our customers with an easily accessible online account which they can use to manage their registrations.

Will you still accept manual forms?

We're still accepting registrations using our manual form. 

Complete a jetski registration form.

Why do I have to register my jet ski?

The Waikato is made up of a variety of waterways which experience a significant increase in traffic over the peak spring / summer season.  Registering your jet ski helps us to provide you with a better service.  Understanding how many jet skis are operating on our waters will ensure we are adequately resourced to keep you safe.  If your jet ski happens to be stolen, a registration number will help us easily identify it.

Each jet ski using Waikato, Northland and Auckland region’s waterways must be registered. A registration with Waikato Regional Council or another agency will cover all three regions.  

Where do I get my number from?

When you complete your online registration you are able to choose whether you receive a pre-printed label or you sign write the number on yourself.  If you select the pre-printed label option it will be posted to you from our Hamilton or Whitianga offices.  Please allow up to 10 working days for the label to be printed and received at your address.

How much does it cost?

Registering your jet ski with us is a one-off charge of $35.  If you want us to provide the registration labels an additional charge of $15 will apply.

**Note that replacement registration stickers may also be provided at a cost of $15.

How the registration is to be displayed

Registration stickers are like the number plate on your car.  They must be clearly displayed on each side of the jet ski and meet the following conditions:

  • The registration must be above the waterline.
  • Each number must be at least 90mm high.
  • The registration must be clearly legible from 50m away (i.e. contrasting colours and not in the foot well of the vessel).


Dealerships are eligible for a multi-craft registration at a cost of $50 (GST inclusive), so long as only one craft is used on the water at a time and ensuring the registration sticker is displayed on the vessel in use.

New Zealand Jetsport Boating Association members

New Zealand Jetsport Boating Association (NZJSBA) members may continue to display their allocated race number instead of a registration sticker or dealer plate. Members of the NZJSBA will still need to be registered with a regional council however their allocated race number may be used in place of a registration number.

Delivery methodSend toPayment options

Direct credit

Either choose Waikato Regional Council from your 'Bill Payee' options or manually enter our account number: 06 0317 0096442 000

To help us identify your payment, please use these reference details:

  • Name used on registration form
  • The word "PWC"
**Note: If your payment does not include these reference details it may result in delays processing your application.
Post 401 Grey Street
Private Bag 3038
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240
  • Post a cheque made out to Waikato Regional Council with your registration form
In person at our offices

Click here for regional office information

  • Cash
  • Cheque



Frequently asked questions

What if I sell my jet ski?

Within 30 days of selling your jet ski you must complete a transfer of ownership form.  If you have completed your registration using our online services you can also transfer ownership online.  If you used our manual form to register your jet ski you will need to use this transfer form and send it to us at  There is no cost involved in transfering your registration.

Where can I use my ski?

Jetskis can be operated as any other powered craft on water within the Waikato region.

There are places in the Waikato designated for the purpose of Jetskiing (refer site specific schedules in the navigation safety bylaw). These zones are:

  • Mokau
  • Awakino (from the river mouth to the 5 knot zone)
  • Kawhia (an area on the northern side of the harbour entrance)
  • Tairua (there are three PWC zones)
  • Tuakau (an area from the Tuakau Bridge upstream to the Smeed Road quarry)

There are also some areas where the use of jetskis is prohibited or restricted:

  • Hamilton (Pukete footbridge upstream to Cobham Drive bridge)
  • Lake Karapiro (includes all water within zones 1 and 2)
  • Lake Puketirini (all water)
  • Lake Kainui (all water)

What happens if I don’t register my ski?

It is an offence to use an unregistered personal water craft in the Waikato region. If an unregistered craft is being used in or upon the waters of the Waikato region it may result in a $200 instant fine.

What are the rules?

Before heading out on a jetski make sure you are up to speed on all the rules and regulations.

PWCs are considered 'power-driven vessels' by law, so the same rules apply to both PWC' and power-driven vessels. The easiest way to make sure you know the rules is to complete a safe boating course and familiarise yourself with the local rules (read the Navigation Safety Bylaw).

You might also like to download a PWC/Jetski information sheet (PDF)

Wear a lifejacket

Wear a personal floatation device or lifejacket at all times.

Obey the speed rules

Keep to 5 knots (a fast walking pace / 9.25km per hour) within:

Coastal watersInland waters
  • 200m of the shore
  • 50m of another vessel
  • 200m of a dive flag
  • 50m of a person in the water
  • 30m of the shore
  • 50m of another vessel and structures
  • 200m of a dive flag
  • 50 of a person in the water

You must be at least 15 years old

You must be 15 years of age to operate a PWC by yourself. If you are under 15 years of age, make sure you have an adult on the PWC who can reach the controls.


You must carry at least one form of waterproof communication. It is recommended you carry two forms of communication. For example, a cell phone in a dry bag or a waterproof VHF radio.

Trip report

Always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

Water skiing / towing

If you are using your PWC to waterski or tow you must have a second person (an observer) sitting on the back of the PWC watching the person/item being towed.


Always check the weather at least 12 hours before heading out.

Turn safely

Apply the throttle to turn. When you throttle off completely you lose steering control.

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