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PEST PLANTS: Find out about the pest plants that threaten our region.

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PEST ANIMALS: Find out about animal pests that threaten our region's native ecosystems.

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MARINE PESTS: Find out more about the unwanted fanworm and other marine pests.

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AQUATIC PESTS: Find out about aquatic pests causing problems in the Waikato region.

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DON'T DRIFT OFF: Download our guideline for spraying contractors.

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KEEP IT CLEAN: Download the Machinery hygiene guide and logbook here.

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BIOSECURITY PUBLICATIONS: Download or order our biosecurity publications from our website.

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CONTACT OUR BIOSECURITY TEAM.                          


BIOSECURITY ACT 1993: The Biosecurity Act 1993 guides pest management in New Zealand.

It has two main purposes:

  1. Border control and surveillance to keep pests out of New Zealand.
  2. Management of pests that have already established.

The Department of Conservation and regional councils are responsible for managing pests that have already established in New Zealand.  Border control is the responsibility of the Ministry for Primary Industries.

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