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Supporting regional growth

Image of rural residential development near HamiltonCompeting globally, caring locally

The future of the Waikato region is increasingly dependent on our ability to respond to the major trend of the world becoming more and more socially and economically connected. The social and cultural wellbeing of local communities is inextricably linked to the regional and national economy which, in turn, is linked to the global economy.

The Waikato is already strong and an important contributor to the wellbeing of New Zealand, but there are opportunities for the community’s and country’s wellbeing to grow. The region is home  to significant environmental resources and a source of prosperity through export earnings. The Waikato is also a centre of culture and heritage and a community where all members are valued.

The Waikato region needs to focus on those opportunities that match its strengths, such as supplying the rapidly increasing global demand for food. However, because of our distance from markets and small size, this means focusing on exporting premium quality products (including tourism).

Critical success factors to achieve this vision are a high quality environment, innovation (including skilled labour), efficient supply chains (including transport systems and compliance) and collaborative leadership.

Find out more about some of the projects we support or are collaborating with to help acheive this vision:

Waikato regional economic development strategy

Regional carbon strategy

National cycling centre of excellence (velodrome)

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