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Significant consent applications, hearings and decisions

This section of our website sometimes has more detailed information about resource consent applications that may attract or have attracted a lot of public interest. Click on any relevant applicant or application details below to find out more information on the proposal.

Application details available for viewing
Buffalo Beach Homeowners Association - seawall upgrade
Fonterra Te Rapa - Activities associated with milk processing site
Kaimai Wind Farm Ltd - Tirohia wind farm project
Kotuku Farms - discharge dust and odour from broiler farm
OceanaGold (NZ) - Project Martha mine development
Tuakau Proteins Ltd - Meat rendering plant odour discharges
Van den brink - Chicken Broiler Farm - Maramarua


Further details are also sometimes available about current or up and coming hearings. Have a look at our hearings committee information pages to see what's available.

What makes a resource consent application significant?

Some resource consent applications are for activities that may have wide-ranging effects on the environment and/or many people. For example, constructing a vehicle bridge on a farm may only affect people on the property itself. In contrast, large constructions such as marinas or projects involving a change to lake or river levels for power generation may result in increased effects on the surrounding environment.

These larger-scale consent applications are of interest to the community’s environmental, economic, cultural, recreational and spiritual values. This is why Waikato Regional Council makes sure that significant applications are publicly notified, so that everyone has the chance to have their say and make a submission.

A hearing committee often decides upon significant consent applications. Once consent decisions are made, only the consent applicants or those who made submissions to the consent can formally object to or appeal them.

More information

You can find out more about these or any other resource consent applications lodged with Waikato Regional Council by calling us on our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402.

Check out our information about resource consent processes.


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