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Infosheets used by CSG

Attributes [PDF, 299 KB] What attributes are, why they are needed, and the attributes the Collaborative Stakeholder Group has selected.
Coastal marine area of the Waikato and Waipā river catchments [PDF, 517 KB] What the coastal marine area is and why it is outside the scope of Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora.
Faecal source DNA tracking study [PDF, 242 KB] Results of a study to better understand sources of faecal matter in Waikato River tributaries.
Freshwater management units [PDF, 580 KB] What freshwater management units (FMUs) are, why they are needed, and the FMUs the Collaborative Stakeholder Group has set.
Integrated assessment framework [PDF, 245 KB] What the integrated assessment framework is and how it is used.
Lakes in the Waikato and Waipā river catchments [PDF, 168 KB] Types of lakes in the catchments, their state and what is being done for them.
Macroinvertebrate Community Index [PDF, 245 KB] What the Macroinvertebrate Community Index is, and how it applies to Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora.
Mātauranga Māori [PDF, 254 KB] What Mātauranga Māori is and its importance to Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora.
Nutrients and floating algae in the Waikato River [PDF, 244 KB] Information about a number of studies on the relationships between nitrogen, phosphorous and floating algae.
Scenario modelling [PDF, 175 KB] What scenario modelling is and its role in Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora.
Toolbox of mitigations in scenario modelling [PDF, 253 KB] Mitigations used in scenario modelling.
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